Multi-Link offers a wide range of services for SNG technology, including setting up satellite connections, transmitting, receiving, stand-up, editing, live transmissions, multi-carrier and setting up multiplex connections.
Our excellent team provides reliable satellite connections under nearly all circumstances in the Netherlands and abroad, in Europe and overseas, for both broadcasters and the commercial industry.
With our wide variety of equipment and unprecedented flexibility, we are positioned extremely fast almost anywhere in the world.

Multi-Link has been dedicated to innovate the industry for over 15 years.
We continuously acquire and implement the latest technology, enabling our clients to deliver and display their productions at the highest possible quality level.

It is our commitment to being responsible, thinking ahead and innovating that enables us to meet our clients’ needs on all levels.

Our Values:
- Deliver superior Service and outstanding Quality
- Build lasting Relationships
- Integrity; Meet commitments
- Innovative; Focussed on the very best solutions
- A great team; highly skilled and dedicated professionals, working together perfectly

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