A quick overview of our SNG equipment

Van Style

All cars are equipped with full redundant (HD) MPEG2 and MPEG4, SD/HD and 2+1. The vans, HOL110 and HOL299,  are under 3500kg, so they comply with all European environmental legislation. We can arrange every vehicle with the required or desired materials (edit and videoproduction facilities).

Truck / Trailer mounted uplink

 (HD) MPEG2 and MPEG4, SD/HD and 2+1. This long trailer with three satellite antennas can service multiple signals at the same time. It holds two 2.4m dishes and one 1.8m. Inside, there is enough space for three different work stations.

Sail/Fly away sets

Recently, the Multi-Link technicians built nine complete sets compatible for sea freight, like roll-on roll-off. For six of those it is also possible to transport them with airfreight. These satellite antennas are unique, because despite their width of 3.8m, The Multi-Link SNG engineer can build all this himself so no need for additional equipment on site, like a crane or scaffolding. They can transmit both KU-band and C-band.



Multi-Link has the equipment to work on any type or size of project, event or requested service. Having developed our own custom SNG equipment we know our material inside and out. We will make sure to match the use of our satellite equipment to the events size and budget. Feel free to give us a call to discuss any requirments.